Welcome to Luxe Recovery, a pinnacle of luxury rehab facilities in California where holistic healing and sophisticated comforts converge. A blend of professional expertise, personalized care, and a tranquil sanctuary for recovery fosters our legacy of success in addiction treatment.

At Luxe Recovery, we embody the epitome of therapeutic excellence in the Golden State, often recognized as California’s best rehab.

With three opulent facilities scattered in the serene corners of California, we have meticulously designed a sanctuary for individuals seeking sobriety and mental peace. Our dedication transcends the typical; it’s an encompassing embrace of holistic healing and personalized recovery paths.

Our quintessential treatment services are tailored to address the broad spectrum of substance abuse and mental health issues.

Our adept team spearheads the addiction treatment journey with a blend of proven methodologies and compassionate care, propelling Luxe Recovery as the vanguard of rehabilitation excellence.

The path to recovery should be as serene and comfortable as its results. Luxe Recovery is not merely a rehab; it’s a place where healing blooms amidst luxury and professional care.

The journey of transcending the shackles of addiction and rediscovering oneself begins here, in the heart of California, where every sunset promises a brighter dawn.

The Drug and Alcohol Problem in Los Angeles

The distressing wave of drug addiction and alcohol misuse shatters the serene facade of communities in Los Angeles, emerging as a profound public health crisis.

The encumbrance of substance use disorder unfolds across various facets of society, impacting individuals, families, and workplaces and extending to the essence of community well-being.

Hospital admissions with a history of alcohol and drug use narrate a dire narrative, with medical facilities continually grappling with an influx of patients affected by drug or alcohol-induced conditions.

This diverts valuable resources from other critical care areas, straining the healthcare system. Moreover, the job sector feels the reverberations as addiction impairs productivity, cultivates absenteeism and manifests a cyclic dilemma of unemployment and substance abuse.

Death rates from drug overdoses and alcohol misuse are grim reminders of the epidemic’s ferocity. Each statistic represents a life lost prematurely, a family shattered, and a distressed community.

The affliction extends beyond the visible turmoil, digging deeper to erode the social fabric. Families are enshrouded in despair as loved ones spiral into the abyss of addiction.

The strain on relationships, financial stability, and the mental health of family members is palpable, underlining the interconnection between addiction and mental health issues.

The societal cost of drug and alcohol addiction is colossal, tarnishing the quality of life and stifling the potential for community prosperity. As Los Angeles navigates through this pervasive issue, the clarion call for practical solutions grows increasingly loud and urgent.

Aiming to address this menacing issue and steer the community towards a healthier, more stable future, providing professional and compassionate help is crucial.

The Drug and Alcohol Problem in Los Angeles

How Luxe Recovery Provides Solutions

Luxe Recovery’s mission extends beyond Los Angeles County, aiming to alleviate the burden of substance abuse across California and nationwide.

Our substance abuse treatment centers are bastions of healing, offering a blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies tailored to individual needs.

As a reputable rehab, we leverage our strategic location to understand the multifaceted nature of addiction better, enabling us to extend our expertise across the state and beyond.

Our approach goes beyond immediate recovery, focusing on long-term sobriety and successful societal reintegration for our clients.

Our comprehensive aftercare programs and community outreach initiatives aim to foster a culture of understanding, support, and recovery, tirelessly working towards a society free from the shackles of addiction.

Our holistic approach towards tackling substance abuse reverberates through the communities we serve, manifesting a positive ripple effect throughout Los Angeles County and far beyond.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

Transitioning from the broader scope of how Luxe Recovery caters to the widespread issue of substance abuse, it’s imperative to delve into the distinctive aspects that set us apart from other treatment centers in Los Angeles.

While the prime goal across the board remains to shepherd individuals towards a life of sobriety, the path Luxe Recovery carves for its clients is adorned with a unique blend of personal touch, holistic understanding, and enduring support. Here are some of the distinctive aspects:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We believe every individual’s journey toward recovery is unique. Hence, we tailor our treatment plans to meet each client’s needs, circumstances, and recovery goals.
  • Holistic Treatment Approach: Our treatments encompass not just the physical aspects of addiction but also the psychological, emotional, and social dimensions, ensuring a well-rounded recovery.
  • Highly Experienced Staff: The heart of Luxe Recovery lies in its team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals dedicated to nurturing a supportive environment for recovery.
  • Luxurious Facilities: Our facilities provide a tranquil and luxurious setting, ensuring the healing process is as comfortable and serene as possible.
  • Community Integration: We emphasize rebuilding the connections between our clients and their communities, facilitating a smoother transition back to everyday life.
  • Continual Support: Our support extends beyond the treatment phase, ensuring everyone has the necessary resources and support network for a lasting recovery.
  • Educational Workshops and Life Skills Training: We equip our clients with the essential life skills and knowledge to understand their addiction better and foster a lifetime of sobriety.
  • Family Involvement: Family plays a crucial role in the recovery process. We involve family members in the treatment process, educating and supporting them throughout the journey.

At Luxe Recovery, we strive to provide more than just a treatment — we aim to offer a gateway to a new, healthier life, fostering a profound and lasting impact on our clients and their loved ones.

What We Treat

At Luxe Recovery, we address various issues that encapsulate drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and mental health conditions.

Our meticulous approach to understanding the unique facets of each condition allows us to formulate treatment programs that resonate with the distinct recovery needs of every individual.

Our care umbrella extends across inpatient and outpatient settings, ensuring a versatile and accommodating treatment environment. As we delve deeper into the specifics of what we treat, it becomes apparent that our commitment lies in fostering a comprehensive healing journey.

What We Treat Los Angeles

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex but treatable condition. At Luxe Recovery Drug Rehab, we offer specialized treatment programs tailored to the nuances of various drug addictions.

Our inpatient and outpatient treatment modalities ensure a structured yet flexible environment for individuals to embark on their recovery journey.

Alcohol Addiction

Navigating through the challenges of alcohol addiction requires a well-orchestrated treatment approach.

Our dedicated treatment programs for alcohol addiction are designed to address the physical, psychological, and social dimensions, facilitating a holistic recovery pathway.

Mental Health

Mental health is a cornerstone of overall well-being. We at Luxe Recovery provide a nurturing environment for individuals facing mental health issues.

Our inpatient and outpatient services are tailored to provide the support and treatment necessary to foster mental wellness and a balanced life.

Luxe Recovery’s Addiction Treatments

Embarking on the journey towards recovery necessitates a multi-faceted approach.

At Luxe Recovery, we offer a broad spectrum of addiction treatment programs tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients at every stage of their recovery.

From managing withdrawal symptoms to fostering a supportive environment for long-term sobriety, our comprehensive treatment options stand as a testament to our dedication to nurturing a holistic recovery experience.


Detoxification is the foundational step in the recovery journey, aiding in managing and alleviating withdrawal symptoms associated with substance dependence.

Our detox center offers a medically supervised environment where our seasoned medical professionals monitor and care for individuals, ensuring a safe and comfortable transition toward sobriety.

Residential Treatment

Post-detox, our Residential Treatment program provides a structured yet compassionate environment for individuals to continue their recovery.

Here, clients delve deeper into understanding the roots of their addiction while engaging in various therapeutic and educational activities that foster long-term recovery.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a flexible yet robust treatment framework for those unable to commit to a full-time rehab schedule.

The program comprises therapy sessions and support groups, enabling individuals to continue their daily responsibilities while prioritizing their recovery.

Sober Living

Transitioning back into the community post-treatment is a crucial phase, and our Sober Living program provides a supportive, structured environment that encourages lasting sobriety while gradually adjusting to everyday life.

Sober Living


The recovery journey extends beyond the realms of treatment programs. Our aftercare services encompass support groups and continuous counseling, ensuring that individuals have the necessary support to navigate the challenges of long-term sobriety.


Our therapy programs are a bedrock of the treatment process, offering individual, group, and multi-family therapy sessions.

Modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy are employed to address and resolve the underlying issues contributing to addiction.

Holistic Treatments

At Luxe Recovery, we believe in nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Our holistic treatments include:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Breathwork
  • Reiki
  • Art Therapy
  • Physical Fitness
  • NAD Treatment

These modalities foster a sense of well-being and play a vital role in an all-encompassing recovery journey.

Co-occurring Disorders

Addressing co-occurring disorders is crucial for a holistic recovery.

Our center offers specialized treatment programs that cater to individuals facing the dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental health disorders, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach toward recovery.

Our Centers

Luxe Recovery prides itself on having three strategically distributed centers around Los Angeles, each designed to offer a serene and luxurious environment conducive to recovery.

Our centers in Los Feliz and Studio City, along with our specialized Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) center, embody a sanctuary where individuals can pursue a life of sobriety amidst comfort and care.

The serene settings and modern amenities significantly enhance the recovery experience, making Luxe Recovery a distinguished choice for drug and alcohol rehab in California.

Our centers come equipped with an array of high-end amenities that cater to comfort and contribute to the holistic healing experience. Among the features that set our recovery centers apart are:

  • Recording Studio: For those inclined toward music, our state-of-the-art recording studio provides a creative outlet to explore and express during the recovery journey.
  • Private Chef: Nutritious, gourmet meals prepared by our private chef ensure a nourishing diet, contributing to the overall wellness of our clients.
  • Gaming Room: A well-appointed gaming room featuring a pool, consoles, and ping pong allows individuals to relax and socialize leisurely.
  • Swimming Pool: Our centers boast tranquil swimming pools that provide a refreshing escape and a means for physical exercise.
  • Private Rooms: The comfort and privacy of our clients are paramount; hence, we offer private rooms for a peaceful retreat.
  • LA Outings: The recovery journey at Luxe Recovery is also about rediscovering life’s joys. We organize outings for sightseeing, dining at local restaurants, and exploring the vibrant culture of Los Angeles.
  • Spa and Gym: Wellness is a core part of recovery. Our spa and gym facilities are tailored to rejuvenate both body and mind.
  • Movie Theatre: Our in-house movie theatre provides a cozy space for entertainment and relaxation.

Each of our centers is meticulously crafted to create a supportive, upscale environment, significantly enriching the path toward sobriety in a setting that resonates with luxury, comfort, and comprehensive care.

Benefits of Attending our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Choosing the right pathway toward recovery is a critical decision that lays the groundwork for a new beginning.

While there are numerous treatment centers, the unique offerings at Luxe Recovery propel our rehab experience a notch higher, especially when compared to other Los Angeles rehab centers.

Our meticulously curated programs and elite facilities make us a prime choice for those seeking a comprehensive and upscale recovery journey. Here are some distinctive benefits of choosing our drug and alcohol rehab:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Our facilities offer an exclusive, serene environment ensuring utmost privacy and comfort, which is often hard to find in other rehabs in Los Angeles.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach seen in many treatment centers in Los Angeles, we prioritize personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.
  • Highly Qualified Staff: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in addiction treatment, providing a level of expertise and care that sets us apart.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The modern amenities at our centers go beyond the conventional offerings of a typical Los Angeles rehab, contributing to a holistic and enjoyable recovery experience.
  • Continuous Support: Post-rehabilitation support is a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring our clients thrive and maintain sobriety long after leaving our care.
  • Community Integration: Through various activities and outings, we encourage social interaction and community integration, helping individuals build a supportive network for a sustainable recovery.
  • Long-Term Sobriety Focus: Our programs are structured to address the immediate challenges of addiction and lay a solid foundation for long-term sobriety and wellness. This focused approach distinguishes us from many treatment centers in Los Angeles, ensuring a sustainable recovery pathway.
  • Outcome-Driven Approach: Our focus on achieving positive, lasting outcomes through a blend of traditional and holistic therapies signifies a commitment to a successful recovery journey.

Selecting Luxe Recovery transcends the ordinary rehab experience, offering an enriched pathway toward sobriety, healing, and an enhanced quality of life.

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Your journey toward recovery deserves nothing less than the exceptional. At Luxe Recovery, we dedicate ourselves to providing premier treatment services within a luxurious and supportive environment.

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment has established us as the best rehab in California, offering a unique blend of traditional and innovative therapies designed to ensure a well-rounded recovery.

Should you or a loved one face the challenges of substance abuse or mental health disorders, do not hesitate to contact us.

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