Who Pays for Sober Living Homes? A Guide to Sober Living and Recovery

One of the most prevalent causes of bankruptcy in the United States is medical debt. It’s estimated that Americans are burdened with around $220 billion worth of medical debt. Many people have insurance, but it can often fall short in many ways.

Sometimes, the treatment isn’t recognized as medically necessary. Sometimes, the healthcare facility is out of network.

So when a person finds themselves in a position where they need to stay in a sober living home, they may wonder how they will pay for it. At Luxe Recovery, we offer several levels of treatment, including sober living.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home, sometimes called a halfway house, is a residence that people in recovery from substance misuse live in. Sober living homes provide a halfway point between inpatient treatment and returning to the real world. 

They can serve as aftercare and offer a structured living environment. They also allow residents to have a greater degree of independence than most inpatient treatment centers allow and receive more support than outpatient programs offer. This allows them to practice maintaining their sobriety in real-world settings.

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

The cost of staying in a sober living home can vary widely, with some homes charging around $300 a month and others charging tens of thousands. Many factors can determine the overall cost of sober living and explain the gap. These factors include:


Like any real estate, a recovery residence’s location can greatly determine its cost. Recovery housing in an urban area will cost more than sober housing in a rural area, and the cost can also vary from one city or state to another. 

Essentially, a sober living facility in a high-cost-of-living area will charge more for its services than one in a low-cost area.

Level of Support

The level of support that a care team can provide will also determine the cost of sober living. Facilities that can offer more comprehensive support will require more staff, many of whom will be specialists in their fields, and will thus charge more for their services.


Similar to the above, a sober living home that offers greater amenities will cost more to stay in. For example, a luxury sober living facility that comes equipped with amenities such as recreation rooms, gyms, or spas can charge around $5000 a month, with many charging prices that are far north of that number,

Can Insurance Cover Pay For Sober Living?

Insurance coverage for sober living homes varies widely depending on the insurance provider and the specific policy. While the ACA requires insurance companies to provide coverage for mental health and substance use disorder treatment, a sober living house is not usually covered by standard insurance plans. It also can’t be ignored that some facilities may not accept insurance.

This is because sober living facilities are considered a form of transitional living and are not considered medical treatment facilities. As far as most insurance plans are concerned, sober living does not count as formal treatment.

That said, some insurance plans may provide coverage for certain aspects associated with sober living, such as therapy, counseling, or outpatient treatment, if they are deemed medically necessary. 

Additionally, some types of insurance plans, like those that cover behavioral health or addiction treatment insurance, might offer more comprehensive coverage for services related to sober living.

Because coverage can vary widely from one plan to another, people need to check with their insurance provider to understand what is covered and what documentation might be required.

 In some cases, scholarships, grants, or sliding scale fees based on income may also be available to help cover the costs of sober living homes.

Other Ways to Cover Sober Living Costs

Because insurance does not generally cover the cost of sober living facilities, a person may have to look for other ways to pay if they want to stay in a halfway house. Some of the ways to pay for sober living include:

Personal Savings

The most common method to pay for sober living homes is through personal funds. However, this can be complicated as addiction and mental health struggles can often drain a person’s finances, making it hard for them to pay for sober living homes directly.

Family Support

Another way that a person can pay for substance misuse and mental health services is to get support from friends and family. This can also be complicated, as many people in recovery can have strained interpersonal relationships. 

That said, most loved ones will generally support a person’s recovery journey.

Other Assistance

Non-profit organizations, government grants, and charities may be able to help people cover the cost of living in a sober house. Some financial institutions also offer loans that are specifically intended for treatment.

Income-Based Payments

Some facilities offer different rates based on income. This allows people to pay for their expenses out of their own pocket without borrowing money.

How to Find a Sober Living Home

Finding a sober living can be a challenge. It can be made significantly easier if the treatment facility that you receive inpatient treatment from already has a sober living program, as it only makes sense to transition to their sober living homes for continuity of care.

But, if it doesn’t, they may be able to give you recommendations based on your needs. You can also get recommendations from therapists, counselors, or other healthcare providers who specialize in addiction recovery on which facilities may be best for your needs.

Given that you may be required to pay for transitional housing out of your own pocket, you should inquire about costs and payment plans to ease your financial burden.

We Offer Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

People who go to inpatient treatment can find that they’re not quite ready to return to their lives. They’re ready to leave the facility, but they’re not ready to return home. A sober living home can give someone the halfway point between a rehab centre and their real lives. It can help them practice what they learned in treatment and rebuild their lives.

At Luxe Recovery, we offer sober living to help you get back on your feet after addiction, as well as inpatient treatment and outpatient programs. If you would like further information about our sober living home program, why don’t you contact us?  We will gladly provide all the information you need so that you can make informed decisions and begin your recovery.

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